A real-time response to shifting safer gambling issues

The social distancing measures introduced in the UK and many other key markets in February and March 2020 has created a landscape unlike any seen before. With millions suddenly restricted to their homes for the majority of the time, players suddenly have more time and opportunity to gamble than ever.

Players potentially at risk are no longer spending their money on pubs, restaurants, cinemas and the theatre, and as such may find themselves with more disposable income.

On 30 March, the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) announced a 10-point pledge action plan to protect vulnerable players in this unprecedented situation, with new standards to come into immediate force. Key pledges on which BGC members will be expected to take action include:

  1. Increase safer gambling messages across all sites and direct to all customers
  2. Step up interventions if customers increase time and spend beyond normal pre-crisis patterns
  3. Actively promote deposit limits

How does an operator fulfil their responsibilities to players with so little precedent to guide them? While site messaging on safer gambling may be relatively easy to add, knowing when and how to intervene effectively is the real challenge. So how do we effectively identify and communicate with players whose circumstances and behaviour patterns change to indicate a greater potential risk of harm? More pertinently, what happens when every player’s circumstances may have changed since their risk level was previously assessed?

The powerful risk data and play pattern monitoring capabilities delivered by our AI-driven safer gambling platform allow for a highly detailed level of player profiling, giving operators the power to act at key intervention points based on the most relevant data.

Just as importantly, regulators are demanding that operators show evidence that Responsible Gambling interactions have been effective. Previously it would have been enough for an operator to state it has communicated a deposit limit campaign to its players via email. Today, operators are expected to show how many players are completing these journeys and actually setting deposit limits, as well as measuring if they stick to affordable limits. By evaluating the effectiveness of a campaign, improvements can be made to drive greater uptake and reduce risk.

An engaging journey for players

Technological innovation and an experience-first approach have always been at the forefront of our strategy – in terms of back-end platform development and games creation alike. The recent launch of the Virtual 3D Race series leveraged this unique combination to become one of the most successful yet for ODDGAME, utilising our very latest platform engagement features to make the most of the game’s ground-breaking mechanic.

With the unique tokens feature, players earn tokens as they play, at no extra cost. The combination of the innovative token feature and the ability to use those tokens at any time across the series quickly grabbed the attention of players.

However, it is the technology behind the scenes that has empowered operators to maximise the engagement and retention value of these features. Leveraging ODDGAME’s newest engagement tool, Player Journey, operators had the opportunity to interact with players in real time at key points during their Virtual 3D Race experience, with the goal of turning initial interest into long-term brand loyalty.

A central component of ODDGAME’s Engagement Centre, Player Journey gives operators everything they need to create multi-stage journeys to engage with the player at crucial points, guiding players towards specific goals in real time. Built around an intuitive WYSIWYG canvas, Player Journey can create journeys that support both real-time, online events and offline interactions.

With Player Journey, ODDGAME is continuing to ensure operators stay ahead of the curve on engagement – and with the success of Virtual 3D Race, operators can expect to see more successful examples of combining product and platform engagement features. In terms of the maximising opportunities for real-time player engagement, in many ways, the journey is just beginning.

Marketplace partners with industry leading content providers

Today announces the integration of Quickspin, Eyecon and other leading content providers into the Marketplace platform. The agreements with some of the largest content providers in the industry will enhance the offering of Marketplace for its customers, while also significantly expanding the scale and reach of the gaming content.

The partnerships will enable content providers to deliver their games through the Marketplace, via the Open Platform, significantly benefiting from ODDGAME’s scale and distribution network by gaining exposure to its customers. Through the Marketplace, licensees are provided with a single, unified platform for content discovery, configuration and insight.

Bonusing technologies will be a key aspect of these ongoing partnerships, which seek to build an integration which is compelling both to Our customers and their player base. As well as being able to configure the third-party content, customers will be able to apply the rich functionality of IMS bonusing, and the wider Engagement Centre capabilities, to the content, creating a stronger and more unified engagement experience for its players.

C9Bet expands its gaming portfolio with industry leader ODDGAME

Online gambling operator and platform provider C9Bet recently signed a deal with ODDGAME – the gambling industry’s leading technology company.

The multi-brand portfolio of C9Bet consists of 14 unique online casinos and sportsbooks, each of which has its own atmosphere and features making them stand out from the rest of the websites in the entertainment sector. Players on C9Bet brands enjoy thousands top-quality casino games from more than 30 well-known industry providers and newly emerging studios, and will now have access to Our Casino games as well.

C9Bet will integrate the extensive our portfolio across all of its brands including – various slots, and table and jackpot games. This will enrich and strengthen C9Bet brand offerings in the existing main markets and widen their reach to even more regions and clients!

Yaxin Toe, Director of Casino at ODDGAME, adds: “We’re very pleased to be working with C9Bet to bring some of the most popular Casino games to a brand-new audience. Creating an unrivalled range of diverse, innovative content is a core part of ODDGAME’s business vision – and with a carefully selected mix of branded titles original content and games backed by major jackpots, we’re confident we can help C9Bet deliver an even richer, more varied experience for their players.”